🫂Referral System

NONE Referral System, more details to come.


/referral usage: Show the usage of your referral code
/referral view: Show the referral code you used
/referral clear: Remove your referral code
/referral create: Create a referral code
/referral mycode: Show your personal referral code
/referral set: Set your referral code

Create a Referral Code

Set your referral code with the command below

/referral create code:

Open the discord server you have your private channel in and create a server invite.

Any person that joins the server via your invite link will automatically be assigned your respective referral code.

Revenue Share Breakdown

30% of Bot Fees are attributed towards our referral system. The breakdown of rewards is proportionate to the total number of referrals and the volume traded of said referrals.

  • 10% to Server Owner Referrals

  • 20% to General Referrals

Revenue Share Flowchart

Last updated

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