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Frequently Asked Questions & Basic Information

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🟡 Coin Panel Button Explained

Coins Panel Buttons

🔄 - Buy

  • The 🔄 button will allow you to add a bigger position to your trade.

⬅️➡️ - Switch Open Trade

  • If you happen to have more than one open trade at a time, you will be able to navigate the different positions using the left and right arrows, accordingly.

❌ - Stop Tracking

  • This will disable the tracking of your current trade. Pressing this does not sell or delete the token from your wallet, it will just stop tracking it. If you wish to re-add a token to your panel, paste the contract address and retrack it.


  • If you don't have the auto-approve setting enabled, you'll want to press the approve button to be able to later sell your tokens without any issues.

Swapping vs Selling

  • This will allow you to decide what token/currency you use when trading.

  • The difference between us, and a lot of tools is that we support every single ERC20 token pair imaginable. This does mean that not all token pairs will require ETH, but some will require other tokens, for example: PEPE/USDC.

    • Swapping - Swapping will swap your PEPE for USDC.

    • Selling - Selling will sell your PEPE for ETH.

Limit Buy / Limit Sell

  • This will allow you to buy or sell at a target price, based on market cap or volume.

/coins panel

Q. I can't see my pending transaction on etherscan.

The leading cause for this is having Private Transactions enabled. The feature in itself makes your transaction private to avoid getting front ran. This means you won't be able to see your transaction on block explorers until they confirm.

Q. My transactions are taking too long to confirm.

We recommend a gas delta of at least 5 when Private Transactions is disabled, and of at least 15-20 when Private Transactions is enabled.

Q. I cannot buy/list/sweep a NFT collection on x marketplace.

Double check that the collection is available on the marketplace of your choice. If you're still having issues, contact our support team.

Q. It says my slippage is not high enough for this transaction.

The leading causes of this are:

  1. There is too much volatility/volume on the token you are trying to transact on while your slippage is too low. We recommend a slippage of at least 7.5%.

  2. You're not accounting for token taxes. For example, if a token has a sell tax of 20%, you'll need to account for that in your slippage settings.

Q. The buttons in the monitor server are not sending summaries and interactions to my private channel!

Rerun /coins panel inside of your private channel.

Q. I found a bug, how can I report it, and is there a reward system?

The easiest way to report a bug is by using the ⁠⁠feedback channel. Yes! We have a bug bounty system in place that will reward users with $NONE. The amount of tokens to be distributed per report is on a case by case basis. Critical bugs will receive a higher reward compared to a small visual bug.

Q. What is the bot fee?

The fee is 0.6% by default on all trades, with premium it is reduced to 0.3%

Help Command

  • /help: Comprehensive help menu containing detailed information about each of the modules mentioned above.

Still Have Questions?

Don't hesitate to contact our team through our official twitter or discord ticket system!

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