Snipe a contract before it goes live!

Brute Sniping

Brute sniping is slower, but the most reliable method. We will be releasing LP/FLIP sniping in the near future for more experienced users needing extreme speed.

Starting to Brute Snipe

/sniper setup [ /sniper setup method:Brute ]

Then fill out the form with the asked parameters/information.

Once filled out, the bot will reply to your command with an embed that automatically updates as it's checking to make sure your snipe can succeed.

If everything looks correct, continue by pressing Snipe. If you have your password toggle on, input it.

Congratulations, if you followed this tutorial and set everything up right, your snipe will keep looping through the Brute method until it's possible to buy the token.

Once the transaction is sent, it will reply with an embed!

See Your Snipes

To see your snipes, simply run: /sniper my_snipes.

Delete A Snipe

To delete a snipe, use /sniper delete_snipe

The ca: parameter is the contract address of the token.


  • We do not recommend very high gas with brute sniping.

  • There will be bugs since this is the Alpha version of our sniper.

  • LP/FLIP sniping in the near future.

  • Careful sniping new launches, 99% of them will be rugs.

Still Have Questions?

Don't hesitate to contact our team through our official twitter or discord ticket system!


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