🔄Transfer Tokens & ETH

Transferring Ethereum to the Bot's Trading Address

You will need to obtain your bot's wallet address to deposit Ethereum.

/wallet get_address: hidden:true/false

Send at least 0.01 ETH to your wallet to use for trading. Wallet addresses with less than this amount are not able to pay for Ethereum gas.

Transferring Ethereum from the Bot to an External Address

Input the Ethereum amount along with your wallet password if enabled along with the value of Ethereum you wish to transfer to an external address.

/wallet send_eth
  • ETH Address

    • Address to send to.

  • Value

    • Value in ETH.

Transferring ERC20 Tokens to an External Wallet Address

Input the command below with parameters you determine.

/wallet transfer20 address: amount: toaddr:
  • Address

    • Contract Address of ERC20 Token.

  • Amount

    • Amount in ERC20 Token's.

  • Toaddr

    • Address ERC20 Token's are sent to.

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