📈Trading Tokens

This guide will teach you how to trade ERC20 tokens through the discord bot.

Step 1 - Paste a Token's Contract Address

Copy & paste the contract address of the token you intend to trade in your private discord channel. Example: 0x72e4f9f808c49a2a61de9c5896298920dc4eeea9

Buttons will turn red if a honeypot or possible rug is detected.

Panel Buttons

Main Buttons

  • Buy X ETH: Swap a desired amount of eth for the selected contract.

    • Once clicked, you will be prompted with a menu asking for two details: Amount (amount of ETH), Password (your trading wallet password).

  • Track: After swapping, track your trade and view your active trades with /coins panel

  • Quick Swapping: Pre-defined amounts (0.1, 0.25, 0.5, and 1 ETH)

Dexscreener & Monarch

  • Dexscreener is a great chart web panel that allows you to see live trades, deployments, and more. We highly recommend them when trading tokens.

  • Monarch is a safety checker tool for double checking if a token is safe or not. We always recommend double checking the safety of a contract through multiple sources, even though we provide that information directly from within the bot.

Step 2 - Swapping & Tracking Trades

After pasting a contract address click any of the desired buttons to swap & trade.

Track your trade after swapping.

The three main commands you will be using after swapping and tracking your trade.

/coins panel: Show panel with all your open trades.
/coins trades: Show all your current trades with brief info.
/coins orders: Display active limit orders.
🔧 Setting Parameters


  • Auto Approve

    • Will make it so your token will be automatically approved right after buying it, making selling it faster. Again, we recommend this to be turned on.

  • Panel Info

    • This setting will just toggle how much information you want to see on your panel.

  • Default Slippage

    • Slippage is the amount of tokens you're willing to lose to price movements, and taxes when buying or selling. For example, if a token has a 10% tax, your slippage would have to be set at at least 12%. We recommend you put your slippage at 5-10% higher than the tokens tax. If the token doesn't have any taxes, 7.5% should be more than enough.

  • Subscript On Panel

    • Turns big decimal price numbers into smaller and more organized numbers. We recommend you keep this on.

Transaction Settings

  • Private Transaction

    • This will make your transaction be broadcasted privately meaning you cannot get front ran, or sandwiched. We highly recommend you turn this on.

  • Private Transaction Type

    • There are 3 different private transaction types.

      • Default which will make sure your transaction cannot fail before broadcasting it.

      • No Reverts which will not check for any possible reverts, and

      • No Checks which lets you send transactions without checking for reverts or anything that might make your transaction fail.

      • We recommend Default, while No Reverts/No Checks is recommended for higher gas traders trying to force transactions through.

  • Max Retries

    • The amount of times you want the bot to retry if your transaction doesn't go through because of 'reverts' or 'checks'.

  • Custom RPC

    • Allows users to set a custom node RPC if they prefer using a private node.

  • Password Disabled

    • We recommend you to keep this on, though if you want to disable the bot requiring you to input a password for every transaction, you can turn this off.

Gas Settings

  • Max Gas

    • The max gas setting will make it so your transactions don't exceed your fee budget. It will take into account network fee + your gas delta.

      • For example; If the network fee is 20, and your delta is 20 (20 + 20 = 40), and your max gas is at 30, the transaction will not go through.

  • Buy Delta & Sell Delta (Gas Delta)

    • The Buy/Sell delta is a way to make your transaction go through faster.

      • For example, if the current network fee is 20 GWEI, and you set your delta at 25, your total fee for the transaction will end up being 45 GWEI (20 + 25). We recommend a delta of at least 10.

  • Gas Limit

    • The gas limit refers to the maximum amount of gas you are willing to consume on a transaction.

    • We do not recommend you touch this whatsoever unless you are an advanced user.

  • Override Gas Limit

    • Overrides your default gas limit. We recommend you keep this on. If you start having any issues, turn it off.

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