💳Wallet Creation

This guide will outline how you create your wallet, exporting your private key, and setting your password.

Join a discord server with the bot in the server, the bot is implemented in over 100 discord communities.

Wallet Creation

To get started, use the initialize command in a commands channel. You'll be prompted through a menu giving you an overview of the bot.


Click the "Create Wallet" button. This will upon a menu for inputting your password, which will be used whenever you interact with the blockchain.

During the process, you'll generate your bot's Ethereum address. You will be asked to provide a password in order to encrypt your private key.

  • We use industry standard algorithms to protect your data. We use salted SHA256 to store your password alongside salted AES to store your private key, this makes it so nobody; not even the developers could get your password or private key even if we wanted to. We use 12+ character salts so in the almost impossible scenario of someone gaining access to our database's rainbow tables, things of the sort would not be useful. Though, due to us storing all data in an isolated server with strong security methods that we will not divulge it is as close to impossible to breach as it can possibly be.

  • Your password is required to perform any command that uses your private key, it is incredibly important that this is both a strong password incase somebody hacks your discord account they can't get access you wallet.

  • We cannot recover your private key if you lose your password, so make sure to note down your password once you set it. You also have the option to export your private key to save for safekeeping or to import it into an external wallet like Metamask.

You have now created your discord based trading wallet!

  • You can now fill your wallet with your desired paired currency ETH or USDC.

  • We recommend exporting your private key for safekeeping & to import to an external wallet like Metamask.

Now that you have created your wallet, you're ready to make your private channel! Head over to Channel Creation to learn how to create a channel and setup your settings.

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