Take control over your wallet via commands. View your address, add and remove wallets to track, send tokens, view your private key, change your password, and more!

Wallet Module

  • /wallet addwallet: Add a wallet to your analytics profile.

  • /wallet transfer20: Transfer ERC20 tokens.

  • /wallet crypto_symbols: View the predefined cryptos. You can use these in place of the contract address.

  • /wallet sell: Sell your ERC20 token.

  • /wallet send_eth: Send ETH to another address.

  • /wallet swap: Swap ERC20 tokens.

  • /wallet get_address: Get your wallet address + added addresses.

  • /wallet get_priv: Get private key.

  • /wallet remove_wallet: Remove a wallet from your analytics profile.

  • /wallet gen_priv: Generate a private key.

  • /wallet get_tx_count: Get the transaction count of a wallet.

  • /wallet change_password: Change password.

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