🤖Bot & Tools Overview

An overview of the the currently available features of the NONE trading bot.

Bot Modules

The bot is fully translated in multiple languages such as Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Japanese; accessible by changing your discord language setting

  • Coins Panel

    • Trade tokens with ease using our easy to use and smooth panels with advanced protection features and trading panels to track all of your active trades. Be ahead of your competition and buy tokens faster than anyone else.

  • Tasks & Alerts

    • Trying to mint or snipe a hyped collection and or token launch? Our task system is here to help you! Setup automatic actions to be triggered on chain all from within discord.

    • Sniping

      • Have to go out to dinner but still want to snipe your favorite project?

    • Buy Order & Sell Order

      • Want to sell your tokens at a trigger price and not have to worry about trading manually or buy your tokens when it reaches a certain price? Use stop loss and trigger price orders to stay ahead of the casual trader.

    • Alerts

      • Create a discord web hook to be alerted & task your discord bot to alert when specific actions occur on a contract or wallet; mint, buy, sell, transfer tokens, and more!

  • NFT Module

    • Embark on your NFT trading journey all from within discord. We offer buying, listing, sweeping, offering, and bidding for all NFT collections across Ethereum. We aggregate all listings and information always getting you the best deal.

  • Analytics

    • Dive into your personal performance, collections statistics, and token information all from within our bot. Our features include; PNL graphs/summaries, collection statistics and watchlists, token summaries, and security checks for ERC20 tokens.

  • Wallet

    • Take control over your wallet via commands. View your address, add and remove wallets to track, send tokens, view your private key, change your password, and more!

  • Monitors

    • Want to monitor the top traders/wallets in the space? Want to track new deployments and contracts? Want to receive volume summaries for NFTs and tokens to get alerted for new trends? We've got it all. Our in-depth monitoring and tracking system allows you to aggregate all the information needed to stay on-top of the game, all within discord.

  • Premium Access

    • Premium access gains access to lower fees, alpha access, early access to new features, and priority support. The default fee on trades is 0.6% and 0.3% with premium. The lowest fee for a free to use discord trading bot on the market.

NONE vs Other Bots

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