📉Limit Sell Order

Limit Sell Order

Click "Sell Order" on your /coins panel, the bot will reply with this.


  • Volume

  • Market Cap

  • Price

Sell Order Parameters

  • Amount to Sell: % amount of tokens you'd like to sell

  • Variance: % above and below to trigger at

    • Example: 100$ with 10% variance = sell between 90 and 110)

  • Sell at Price: Price to Sell Token's

After submitting your sell order you bot will reply and notify you.

When your order is filled the bot will reply and notify you.

Congratulations you know how to create limit orders!

Deleting an Order

Input this command to open your active limit orders

 /coins orders

Click "Delete List" to choose which limit order to delete.

Still Have Questions?

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