💾Tasks & Alerts

Setup automatic actions to be triggered on chain all from within discord.

  • /alerts add_group: Create an alert group with a webhook.

  • /alerts add_wallet_alert: Wallet specific alerts.

  • /alerts add_contract_alert: Alerts for a specific contract.

  • /alerts view_groups: View your alert groups.

  • /alerts remove_group: Remove an alert group.

  • /tasks create: Create a task.

  • /tasks show: Show a task you've created.

  • /tasks my_tasks: Show a list of your tasks.

  • /tasks monitor: View running tasks.

  • /sniper setup: Create a snipe.

  • /sniper my_snipes: View your active snipes.

  • /sniper delete_snipes: Delete an active snipe.

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