💻Channel Creation

This guide will outline how you create your private channel, and configuring your settings.

Step 1 - Private Channel Creation

Your private channel will allow you to run your commands and use your panels without any outside spam from anyone.

To get started, use the /coins startup command. Click the "Setup" button to create your private channel.

Step 2 - Coins Settings Configuration

Your settings are primarily used for the coin module of the bot. This will include general, transaction, gas settings and more.

Settings Parameters

/coins view_settings

/coins set_settings

  • Example usage: /coin set_settings anti_mev:True

General Settings


  • Auto Approve

    • Will make it so your token will be automatically approved right after buying it, making selling it faster. Again, we recommend this to be turned on.

  • Panel Info

    • This setting will just toggle how much information you want to see on your panel.

  • Default Slippage

    • Slippage is the amount of tokens you're willing to lose to price movements, and taxes when buying or selling. For example, if a token has a 10% tax, your slippage would have to be set at at least 12%. We recommend you put your slippage at 5-10% higher than the tokens tax. If the token doesn't have any taxes, 7.5% should be more than enough.

  • Subscript On Panel

    • Turns big decimal price numbers into smaller and more organized numbers. We recommend you keep this on.

Transaction Settings

Transaction Settings

  • Private Transaction

    • This will make your transaction be broadcasted privately meaning you cannot get front ran, or sandwiched. We highly recommend you turn this on.

  • Private Transaction Type

    • There are 3 different private transaction types.

      • Default which will make sure your transaction cannot fail before broadcasting it.

      • No Reverts which will not check for any possible reverts, and

      • No Checks which lets you send transactions without checking for reverts or anything that might make your transaction fail.

      • We recommend Default, while No Reverts/No Checks is recommended for higher gas traders trying to force transactions through.

  • Max Retries

    • The amount of times you want the bot to retry if your transaction doesn't go through because of 'reverts' or 'checks'.

  • Custom RPC

    • Allows users to set a custom node RPC if they prefer using a private node.

  • Password Disabled

    • We recommend you to keep this on, though if you want to disable the bot requiring you to input a password for every transaction, you can turn this off.

Gas Settings

Gas Settings

  • Max Gas

    • The max gas setting will make it so your transactions don't exceed your fee budget. It will take into account network fee + your gas delta.

      • For example; If the network fee is 20, and your delta is 20 (20 + 20 = 40), and your max gas is at 30, the transaction will not go through.

  • Buy Delta & Sell Delta (Gas Delta)

    • The Buy/Sell delta is a way to make your transaction go through faster.

      • For example, if the current network fee is 20 GWEI, and you set your delta at 25, your total fee for the transaction will end up being 45 GWEI (20 + 25). We recommend a delta of at least 10.

  • Gas Limit

    • The gas limit refers to the maximum amount of gas you are willing to consume on a transaction.

    • We do not recommend you touch this whatsoever unless you are an advanced user.

  • Override Gas Limit

    • Overrides your default gas limit. We recommend you keep this on. If you start having any issues, turn it off.

Exporting Your Private Key

We recommend you to export your private key with the /wallet get_priv command. This is just in-case you forget your password, alongside allowing you to import it to an external backup wallet like Metamask.

Now that you have setup your wallet and channel, you're ready to make your first trade! Head over to Trading Tokens and Recommended Settings to learn how to use the coins module.

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