Contract Paste

Pasting a contract address will bring up the summary and buy menu of the bot.

Panel Buttons

Main Buttons

  • Buy X ETH: Swap a desired amount of eth for the selected contract.

    • Once clicked, you will be prompted with a menu asking for two details: Amount (amount of ETH), Password (your trading wallet password).

  • Track: After swapping, track your trade and view your active trades with /coins panel

  • Quick Swapping: Pre-defined amounts (0.1, 0.25, 0.5, and 1 ETH)

Dexscreener & Monarch

  • Dexscreener is a great chart web panel that allows you to see live trades, deployments, and more. We highly recommend them when trading tokens.

  • Monarch is a safety checker tool for double checking if a token is safe or not. We always recommend double checking the safety of a contract through multiple sources, even though we provide that information directly from within the bot.

Last updated

2023, None